0.4 Update (Big UI Changes & Added Calculations)

Sorry for the late update! I had some issues with the application that were taking some time to fix. I've also been away from internet so I couldn't upload the 0.4 update. Some things that I've done are switched to GDScript instead of VisualScript in Godot 3, then I made each section its own script, so this update took some time.


Surface Area & Volume Calculations for:

  • Cube
  • Rectangular Prism
  • Triangular Prism
  • Square Based Pyramid
  • Cone
  • Sphere
  • Cylinder

Complete UI Overhaul:

  • UI Theme changed to be more modern
  • Switched from tabs to an options button
  • Proper UI Scaling with scroll bars when everything won't fit in the window.

Android Version!

Added Formula Page.

Reference to Godot 3 in about page.


Real-Time Calculator 0.4 Windows 32-Bit.zip 8 MB
Apr 06, 2018
Real-Time Calculator.apk 24 MB
Apr 06, 2018

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